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The largest personal injury award in the history of Montana has gone to a South Carolina college student who sustained catastrophic injuries in a Jeep Cherokee accident near Bozeman in 2009. Jeremy Vangsnes was in Montana for missionary training when he was in a rollover accident caused by a fellow missionary. Vangsnes suffered traumatic brain injuries and was rendered a quadriplegic. Six years later, Vangsnes has received $26 million in compensation. If you are injured in an accident in southern California, and another driver’s negligence is the reason for your injury, you are also entitled by law to compensation, but to win that compensation, you should obtain the help of an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer.

A Montana judge determined that the vehicle’s driver was acting within the course and scope of his work for the Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board (NAMB) when the accident occurred and that the NAMB was liable. Its insurers agreed to pay the $26 million. The award will allow Vangsnes’ father, who serves as his full-time caregiver, to hire 24-hour skilled nursing care and to buy a house that has been modified for a quadriplegic.

If you’re injured in a southern California traffic accident, speak immediately with a good personal injury lawyer. Your personal injury attorney needs to be on the case as soon as possible because evidence can deteriorate, witnesses can forget, and sometimes both evidence and witnesses can disappear. The right attorney can determine precisely who is responsible for your injury, negotiate for your settlement, and if necessary, explain your case to a jury of your peers. You may not receive $26 million, but an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer can fight aggressively on your behalf after an injury for the maximum possible compensation. If you are injured now or in the future in southern California because of someone else’s negligence, make the call as quickly as possible.

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