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Air travel on the big commercial flights is safer than it has ever been. However, accidents and injuries that involve small private planes and charter flights are on the rise and are a growing safety concern. If you or someone you love has been injured in an air travel accident, speak at once with an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer. If a pilot, a maintenance team, an air traffic controller, an aircraft manufacturer, or an owner was partially or entirely at fault for your injury, you are entitled by law to reimbursement for your medical treatment, lost income, and other injury-related expenses. That reimbursement, however, won’t just be handed to you. You’ll have to file a personal injury claim with the help of an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer.

Don’t – if you can help it – fly with children under two years of age. Children who must be held by their parents are at serious risk for turbulence injuries, and some children have even been tossed, in flight, from their parents’ arms in severe turbulence. If your child is suffering a respiratory condition, try to find another way to travel; the low oxygen level on an airplane could generate a negative reaction, and your child might end up requiring immediate medical attention. Children sustain injuries on planes – and in crashes – in disproportionate numbers.

When you are injured or your child is injured during air travel, discuss your rights and legal options – which may include filing a personal injury lawsuit – with an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer who has experience with cases related to air travel. To be awarded compensation, you and your lawyer will have to prove that neglect, a design flaw, or some other failure to meet professional aviation standards was the direct cause of your injuries. Your lawyer can investigate the details of your case and guide you through the personal injury process. Help is available, but you must step forward and call an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible after any air travel-related injury.

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