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Consumers in California receive a considerable amount of legal protection. One of your rights as a California consumer is your right to take legal action against your insurance company if you are the victim of insurance bad faith. Your surety company should provide reimbursement swiftly if you are injured in an accident, but many victims – while recovering from serious injuries – have to fight for their reimbursement. Obtain promptly the legal help you need if your surety company isn’t doing the job. Contact an experienced Pasadena insurance attorney immediately.

When your surety company handles your claim wrongly or negligently, it acts in “bad faith,” and that can include trying to settle your claim for less than it’s worth, dragging out the investigation process, using threats to bully you into a settlement, or rejecting your claim for a bogus or fabricated reason. Sometimes, all it takes is just hiring an attorney; that tells the surety company that you can’t be intimidated.

You have the legal right to be treated fairly by your surety company, and an insurance company has a legal obligation to fulfill its contract with you and meet its responsibilities. If you file a bad faith lawsuit and prevail, you’ll be compensated for the original amount of your claim and any additional amount required by the court. An insurance attorney who regularly represents victims in similar circumstances can provide the legal help you’ll require.

If you need to be compensated for an injury while you are recovering, an aggravating fight with an insurance company is something that you very much want to avoid. If you are a victim of insurance bad faith – whether you hold an individual or business policy or you’re in a group plan – discuss your legal rights and options with an experienced Pasadena insurance attorney as quickly as possible. Help is here if your insurance company isn’t being straightforward with you, but you must make the call.

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