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It’s not only teens who text while they drive. A study recently conducted by the University of California, San Diego found that most middle-aged drivers also admit to using their mobile phones regularly while driving, even with children in the car. If you are injured in a traffic accident in southern California, and if the other driver was texting or talking on a cell phone, arrange at once to discuss your accident and injury with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney. Texting or talking on a cell phone while driving constitutes negligent driving, and in California, victims injured by negligent drivers are entitled to full compensation for all of their medical treatment and their other injury-related expenses.

According to the National Safety Council, more than one in four traffic accidents is now linked to cell phone use – talking or texting. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that at any point during the day, nine percent of drivers are using mobile phones. California has implemented a number of laws banning the use of cell phones while driving. All drivers are prohibited from using hand-held cell phones for any reason, and all texting while driving is prohibited. Additionally, drivers under 18 may not talk on hands-free cell phones. Exceptions are allowed for emergency calls to 911.

Cell phone records can be evidence in a personal injury case, so if you are injured by a driver who was using a cell phone – or by a driver whom you suspect was using a mobile phone – at the time of the accident, that’s one of the first things you want to tell a personal injury attorney. The law imposes limits on the amount of time you have to take legal action after an injury, so if you have been injured, make the call without delay and let an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney fight for justice on your behalf.

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