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From southern California to Maine, churches and other faith groups use small buses and vans to take members to weekly services and special events. When a church van or bus is involved in a collision, the result is often tragic. Negligence is the reason for many of these catastrophes, but not necessarily driver negligence. When a crash happens and a church bus is involved, almost inevitably, the cause is poor maintenance. Bad brakes, tire blowouts, and busted lights are far too often responsible for church bus tragedies. In southern California, if you or someone one you love is injured in a church bus crash, arrange at once to speak with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney.

Faith groups and other nonprofits must make certain that their vehicles are routinely maintained. One person should be assigned to maintain the vehicle(s) or to make certain the work is done by a dealership or a reliable garage. Prior to any long trip, conduct another safety check. You don’t want your group to end up in this kind of headline:

  • Eight fatalities happened earlier this year when a church van owned by the Independent Haitian Assembly of God in Fort Pierce, Florida ran off the highway.
  • Last year, 32 children died when a church bus caught fire near the city of Fundacion, Columbia.
  • Six people died in 2013 when a van owned by Front Street Baptist Church in Statesville, North Carolina was involved in a collision.

Obviously, nobody wants to take legal action against their own faith community, but most church groups have insurance for these kinds of tragedies, and often, these collisions are not a church’s fault. Liability may eventually fall on a vehicle or parts manufacturer, an auto repair shop, or a governmental agency that neglected to keep road conditions safe. However, without regard to who’s at fault, if you are injured, you’ll need to be reimbursed for your medical expenses and related costs. In southern California, if you or someone you love is injured in a church bus collision, speak immediately with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney.

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