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In Pakistan, in January, a bus collision killed 62 passengers heading from Karachi to Shikarpur when the compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders powering the bus exploded. Families of the victims are currently seeking compensation through the Pakistani court system. Over time, CNG cylinders can become dangerous for a number of reasons. If you’re injured when a CNG tank explodes, the results can be tragic. In southern California, you’ll need to obtain legal help immediately by contacting an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney.

Pakistan isn’t the only place where compressed natural gas cylinders explode. In California and across the country, CNG is used with the trucks and buses operated by many cities and school districts, and in January, CNG tanks on a garbage truck exploded in Indianapolis. Fragments from the tanks were found as far as a quarter-mile from the site of the explosion, and several nearby buildings were extensively damaged. Every compressed natural gas tank has an expiration date, so older CNG tanks on older vehicles can mean genuine danger.

CNG tank explosions can be quick and catastrophic. They can severely injure drivers, passengers, bystanders, and anyone else in the vicinity. When a compressed natural gas cylinder explodes, it is imperative to analyze the evidence and determine the chain of events that led to the explosion. A good personal injury attorney can work with fire investigators and other experts to determine exactly why an explosion happened and to determine who should be held accountable.

If you or someone you love is injured in a compressed natural gas accident or explosion in Los Angeles County or anywhere in southern California, you have the legal right to be reimbursed for your medical treatment, lost income, and related expenses, but you’ll have to fight for your compensation. Let an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney help. If you’re injured by a CNG tank explosion, don’t wait to make the call.

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