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Compressed natural gas – CNG – is natural gas that is compressed to high pressure so that large volumes can be stored in small containers such as a vehicle’s fuel tank. High energy prices have made CNG a viable option for all kinds of vehicles; compressed natural gas typically costs 30 to 60 percent less than the equivalent amount of gasoline. A number of manufacturers now offer factory-built CNG-fueled trucks, vans, transit buses, and school buses, but there are some dangers. If you are injured in a CNG accident or explosion, speak at once with a Pasadena personal injury lawyer who has substantial experience handling compressed natural gas injury cases.

A CNG tank is typically set under the body of a vehicle. Like everything else, compressed natural gas tanks deteriorate over time, but detecting a defect is difficult to do even if a CNG tank is new. When an aging or defective CNG tank scrapes the pavement – or anything else – at a high speed, the result can be a disastrous explosion that can injure anyone in the vicinity. In January, for example, compressed natural gas tanks exploded on a garbage truck in Indianapolis. Tank fragments were found a quarter-mile from the explosion site, and even some buildings were extensively damaged. Injuries sustained in CNG explosions can be catastrophic and often temporarily or even permanently disabling.

In southern California, compressed natural gas is used extensively in city and county-owned vehicles including city buses and school buses. Every compressed natural gas tank has an expiration date, but that date can be easy to overlook or forget about. Over time, CNG cylinders can become hazardous for a variety of reasons. If you’re injured when a CNG tank explodes, the results can be tragic. Get medical attention at once. Don’t accept a settlement from an insurance company before obtaining legal advice. And speak as quickly as possible regarding your injuries to an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer.

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