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Last year it was General Motors recalling their vehicles for faulty ignition switches. This year, Ford is recalling approximately 390,000 Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion, and Lincoln MKZ automobiles. Apparently, defective door latches in these vehicles may prevent the doors from closing securely. The doors may open unexpectedly while the automobiles are moving, putting drivers and passengers at risk. If you’re injured in the Pasadena area or the Los Angeles area because of a defect in any motor vehicle, discuss your rights and options – including a possible product liability lawsuit – with an experienced Pasadena product liability lawyer. The vehicles being recalled include:

  • 2012, 2013, and 2014 Ford Fiestas
  • 2013 and some 2014 Lincoln MKZs
  • 2013 and some 2014 Ford Fusions

You may or may not receive a recall notice in the mail; if you’ve moved, you may not receive the notice promptly. If you own one of these vehicles, contact a dealership immediately about a repair, which the dealer should provide at no cost. It’s best not to drive the car at all – except directly to the dealer. If you drive there, wear a seat belt, but it’s probably wiser to have the car towed to the dealership if you can. You do not want a car door swinging open while you’re navigating Los Angeles-area traffic.

All California drivers need to stay aware of recalls and act at once if your vehicle is recalled. When a defect has not been detected in a particular vehicle, and no recall has been issued, drivers and passengers are particularly at risk. Always keep your vehicle thoroughly maintained, and let an experienced mechanic check out your vehicle if anything seems wrong at any time. If you’ve been injured because of any defect in a vehicle in southern California, take your case at once to an experienced Pasadena product liability lawyer.

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