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When an accidental death is caused by someone else’s negligence in California, it’s a “wrongful death” under California law, and a wrongful dying lawsuit may be filed by the survivors of the deceased against the party or parties responsible for that passing away. A wrongful dying lawsuit can offer survivors the key resources they may need to move forward constructively with their lives. As difficult as it might be for you, family members should speak as quickly as possible with an experienced unjustified death attorney after any wrongful death in southern California.

Both economic and non-economic damages may be sought for the wrongful dying of a family member. Economic damages include the financial support and benefits the victim would have earned and provided to family members during the remainder of a normal lifespan. Non-economic damages may also be awarded to compensate survivors for their loss of companionship, loss of consortium, and for their own pain and suffering. An experienced Pasadena unjustified death attorney can advocate aggressively for the compensation your family may need and for the justice you unquestionably deserve.

In California and the world today, danger is potentially everywhere. A ride down the highway, a simple surgical procedure, going out for dinner – everyday activities that could lead to a fatal traffic crash, a medical malpractice tragedy, or a food poisoning fatality. If you are a family member or the beneficiary of a wrongful death victim in Los Angeles County or anywhere else in southern California, let an experienced Pasadena wrongful death lawyer fight for you and your family. It may be emotionally difficult for you, but it is absolutely imperative to file a wrongful dying claim as quickly after the passing as you possibly can. In southern California after a unjustified dying, arrange at once to meet and discuss your legal options with an experienced Pasadena wrongful death attorney.

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