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Under California law, if you trip and fall on another person’s property because of a hazardous condition, the owner of that property may be legally responsible for your injuries. For example, if something is spilled or dropped in a supermarket or convenience store, store personnel must block off the area until a cleanup is complete. If you slip or trip, fall, and sustain a personal injury on someone else’s private or business property in southern California, a skilled Pasadena premises liability attorney can discuss your case and explain your legal options. You may be able to file a premises liability claim and receive reimbursement for your medical treatment, lost income, and other injury-related expenditures.

Owners are not necessarily responsible for every injury that occurs on their property. You should know that the liability of any business depends on where a hazard is located and whether you had business being there. If a sign tells you there’s no trespassing – and a dog for trespassers – you have no case if you trespass and suffer a dog bite. Other situations are more difficult to determine, and you’ll need an attorney’s help. Stock rooms in stores and kitchens in restaurants are generally considered off limits to customers, but what if you couldn’t find assistance and the door was open? Not every premises liability case is open-and-shut. If you’re injured in such a circumstance, contact an experienced Pasadena premises liability attorney immediately.

California law requires business owners to warn customers about hazards, and customers should heed those warnings. However, if you must enter a kitchen, stock room, or some other area that is typically “off limits,” try to find an employee and ask permission. Without it, you may have no claim if you’re injured. If you’ve sustained an injury because of a fall on someone’s property in Los Angeles County, take your case promptly to an experienced premises liability attorney who will know if you have a legal personal injury claim. If you do, you may be awarded the compensation you need and deserve, but you must take the first step and call an experienced Pasadena premises liability attorney. After any injury on private property in southern California, make the call, and make it as quickly as possible.

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