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The thought of it is disturbing, but mishandle of the elderly occurs all too frequently. They are some of society’s most vulnerable people, but senior citizens are sometimes victimized right where they live. Nursing home abuse takes many forms; it can be physical or emotional abuse or financial victimization. As the elderly population increases in the United States, so does the potential for treating home abuse and the need for vigilance. If you suspect that your own elderly loved one may be a victim of nursing home misuse – or even if you believe a loved one is being abused at home by a professional caregiver – discuss your concerns at once with an experienced Los Angeles County personal injury lawyer. Knowing the signs of treating home mishandle and contacting an attorney if you know of or suspect abuse is imperative.

Sometimes abuse happens because a treating home owner cuts corners on staffing or training. Nursing home workers are too often low-paid, overworked, and poorly trained. Still, there is no excuse for the mishandle of the elderly – it simply cannot be tolerated. One of the pervasive types of nursing home mishandle is simple neglect. Nursing home neglect is frequently overlooked. It can lead a general decline in health, but with no obvious signs or warning signals, neglect is the hidden abuse. Financial exploitation of nursing home residents is also on the rise: stealing money or jewels, forging signatures, cashing checks without authorization, and deceiving or bullying someone into signing a financial document is a growing concern both nationally and here in California.

Of course, outright abuse also remains a problem. In treating homes, such mishandle can include physical or verbal assault or intimidation, sexual assault, unnecessary restraint, and the medical malpractice that can lead to deteriorating health or even death. Be alert for cuts, bruises, attitude changes, or an unexpected decline in health. If you have an elderly loved one in a nursing home facility, visit frequently and become acquainted with the staff. A personal relationship with nursing home personnel is the best insurance against abuse. If you suspect that your loved one may be a victim of mishandle in a southern California nursing home, take appropriate action and speak at once with an experienced Los Angeles County personal injury lawyer.

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