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Distracted driving is like the weather – it’s everywhere. Drivers in Los Angeles County are distracted by eating, reading, grooming, texting, tending to pets and children, and dozens of other distractions. What may be surprising to you – something you may never have thought about – is distracted walking. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), pedestrians on the sidewalk are just as distracted – if not more – than drivers on the street. We talk, text, listen to music – some people even read – while we walk. But especially in Los Angeles County, distracted walking can hurt you – badly. If you’re injured by a distracted driver in the L.A. or Pasadena area, get legal help at once by contacting an experienced Los Angeles County personal injury attorney. But if you hurt yourself because you allowed yourself to be distracted, you’ll have no grounds to sue anyone else.

The CPSC says that thousands go to emergency rooms every year in the U.S. with injuries they’ve sustained as pedestrians. Most were distracted rather than injured by someone else who was negligent. Still, pedestrians and drivers alike always need to be extra cautious, especially in heavily urbanized areas with large numbers of vehicles, pedestrians, and distractions. Pedestrians are entirely vulnerable, and if an accident happens, the injuries can be catastrophic and sometimes disabling. Pedestrians are very likely to sustain traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and injuries requiring amputations.

When you walk in southern California, you’ll be substantially safer if you don’t text, read, or surf the internet. Make phone calls as brief as possible and stay alert. Wear bright colors and carry a flashlight if you must walk at night. Don’t injure yourself; if you’re injured by another person’s negligence when you’re a pedestrian, discuss your legal rights and options – including a possible personal injury lawsuit – as quickly as possible with an experienced Los Angeles County personal injury attorney.

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