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If your city’s firefighters are being injured by their safety equipment, it’s not good for anyone, but that’s allegedly what’s happened in St. Petersburg, Florida. A group of retired and active firefighters have sued the maker and distributor of their city-issued fire helmets, saying that design flaws in the helmets have led to firefighter injuries. If you are injured in southern California by any defective consumer product – and especially if you’re injured by the safety equipment that’s supposed to protect you – contact a Pasadena-based California product liability lawyer at once to discuss your legal rights and options, which may include filing a product liability lawsuit.

Five active and retired St. Petersburg firefighters allege that the helmets they were issued are designed poorly, are too heavy, unbalanced, and cause neck and head injuries. Firefighters are suing the manufacturer and distributor of the helmets but not the city of St. Petersburg; they believe the city purchased the helmets with no knowledge that they may be defective. If you are injured by any defective item you have purchased:

  • Seek immediate medical attention.
  • Do not listen to, believe, or speak with any insurance company.
  • Do not try to act as your own attorney.
  • In Pasadena, Los Angeles, and anywhere else in southern California, retain the advice and services of an experienced California product liability lawyer immediately.

Safety equipment is supposed to protect us. When it injures us instead, manufacturers and distributors need to be held accountable. If you’ve paid attention to the news, you know there have been issues with children’s safety seats, automotive air bags, and now fire helmets. If you’re injured using any kind of safety equipment, it’s imperative to come forward, and not just for your own sake. Product liability claims compel the manufacturers of these items to make the changes needed to protect others from injuries in the future. If you’ve been injured by any defective safety product or any other consumer item, contact a California product liability lawyer in the Pasadena area immediately.

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