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Despite efforts by California lawmakers and law enforcement agencies to stop drivers from using their cell phones, some still use their cell phones while driving. It’s never a good idea, and recently released research tells us just how dangerous it is to use a cell phone while you’re driving. If you’re injured in a traffic accident in Pasadena or Los Angeles by someone who was driving while texting or talking on a cell phone, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical treatment and related expenses, but you’ll need to fight for that compensation with the help of an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney.

The National Safety Council’s 2014 annual injury and fatality report found that cell phone use is now a factor in 26 percent of the traffic accidents in the United States. It is illegal to use a handheld cell phone or to text while driving in California. The fine for a first offense is $76. A second offense is $190. However, if you injure someone while you are driving negligently, you could be sued for all of the victim’s medical expenses. If you’re injured by someone who was driving while using a cell phone, speak immediately to a good Los Angeles County personal injury lawyer. If your injuries are catastrophic, disabling, and/or permanent, you’re going to need the maximum compensation available.

The connection between cell phones, distracted driving, and serious accidents has been widely publicized. Yet some California drivers, apparently, haven’t heard the message or haven’t listened. Don’t put yourself and others at risk. Don’t use a cell phone when you drive. If you’re injured in a traffic collision with a negligent driver in Pasadena, Los Angeles, or elsewhere in southern California, protect yourself and your future by speaking at once with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney.

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