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From the historical perspective, school buses in the United States have been exceptionally safe transportation for school children. They typically move slowly, they’re easy to see, and they’re designed to keep children as safe as possible if a collision occurs. The truth is that most injuries linked to school buses don’t even happen on the buses themselves. Those accidents actually happen off the bus and on the ground, in a 10-foot perimeter that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration labels the “Danger Zone.” School bus-related fatalities actually are uncommon; fewer than twenty children a year – in most years – are killed in accidents related to school buses, and seventy percent of those fatalities are “danger zone” rather than on-the-bus-fatalities.

While fatalities are few, plenty of injuries happen on and around school buses. Each accident is unique. Sometimes a negligent driver collides with a bus; sometimes a bus driver is the negligent party; and sometimes, the weather or a defective vehicle part is responsible for an accident rather than any particular driver. Speak at once with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney if your child is injured in any school bus-related accident in Los Angeles, the Pasadena area, or elsewhere in southern California.

When children suffer serious injuries, families can be profoundly impacted. Even if a crash or an injury seems trivial, immediately have your child examined by a doctor; a school nurse or a paramedic can’t provide the in-depth medical examination that’s needed. Medical expenses can pile up swiftly, and when your child is injured because someone else was negligent, you have a legal right to be fully compensated for the medical costs and related expenses. When you work with an experienced personal injury lawyer after your child has been injured, your lawyer can handle your legal concerns while you can concentrate on your family and your child’s health. If your child is injured in a school bus-related accident, speak with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney as quickly as possible.

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