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Most attorneys in California work hard to avoid a potential legal malpractice claim. However, the definition of legal malpractice is largely misunderstood. Legal malpractice is committed when a lawyer fails to provide the quality of professional care and service that should reasonably be expected, and as a result of that failure, a client is harmed. To prevail if you file a legal malpractice claim against an attorney, your new lawyer must prove first that your original attorney failed to satisfy the accepted professional standard of care, and secondly, your new lawyer must prove that if the original attorney had handled your lawful work appropriately, your case or lawful procedure would have had a better result. Speak at once with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney if you are a victim of legal malpractice in Pasadena, Los Angeles, or anywhere in southern California.

Clients must be able to confide in their attorneys. An attorney is required to provide zealous advocacy, confidentiality, and to advance the interests of his or her clients. Good communication is imperative throughout the duration of a case or proceeding. When a lawyer fails to return calls, misses deadlines, or provides vague details when you need precise information, that lawyer may be guilty of legal malpractice. If you have grounds for a legal malpractice lawsuit, an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney can advocate passionately on your behalf. After all, malpracticing attorneys hurt clients, hurt other attorneys, and hurt the entire lawful system.

As any attorney’s client, you should be treated with complete respect and offered every possible professional courtesy and consideration. Most importantly, you should be represented by a diligent, ethical attorney who has established a reputation for maintaining the highest professional standards of excellence. If you believe that you have been a victim of legal malpractice in southern California, do not wait. Take the first step toward justice and discuss your case with an established, trustworthy, and experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney as quickly as possible.

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