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Motorcycle accidents are not more common than other traffic accidents, but they are more apt to result in serious injuries or fatalities. Thus, it pays for motorcyclists to know the leading reasons for accidents and to use the information wisely. If you are a motorcyclist in California and you are injured because someone else was driving negligently, discuss your rights and options – including the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit – as quickly as possible with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney. The leading reasons for motorbike accidents are:

  1. Cars making left-hand turns: This is the most dangerous situation that motorcyclists face. A left turn is a factor in 42 percent of all motorcycle-automobile collisions.
  2. Lane-splitting: When a motorcyclist rides between lanes or tries to maneuver between lanes in a traffic jam, it’s always dangerous. Auto and truck drivers expect a motorbike to be inside a lane, not between two lanes.
  3. Recklessness and negligence: Auto and truck drivers aren’t responsible for every motorbike accident. A large percentage of motorcycle accidents happen because a motorbike rider was either speeding or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While speeding and alcohol are common reasons for all kinds of traffic accidents, the injuries they cause in a motorcycle crash are far more likely to be serious or fatal.
  4. Road hazards: Motorcycles face more danger from road hazards than cars and other vehicles. A motorcycle has only two wheels, so potholes, dead animals, slick pavement, and unexpected objects on the road pose a serious safety threat.
  5. Lack of motorcycle experience: Experienced riders know how to handle their motorcycles and deal with hazardous road conditions, but becoming experienced takes serious time and effort. Until you have mastered a motorcycle, it’s smarter to stay off the busier streets and highways.

A motorbike can be delightfully entertaining, but it’s also a serious responsibility. If you own a motorbike or if you are thinking about one, consider taking a motorcycle safety course. And if you’re injured by a negligent driver while riding your bike anywhere in California, don’t wait to make the call. Take your case immediately to an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney.

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