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Before any personal injury case goes to trial in California, there’s a process called “discovery.” Throughout the discovery procedure, both sides of the case collect and exchange information and evidence about the case, examine and evaluate that information and evidence, and make preparations for a trial. If you’ve been injured by another person’s negligence in Pasadena or Los Angeles, discuss your legal options and rights immediately with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney. If you’re injured and you choose to pursue a personal injury claim, during the discovery process you can:

  • gather evidence and witness statements
  • learn what evidence the other side possesses
  • obtain what you need to present your case in court

Discovery is a meticulous and time-consuming process. It takes time and patience to request, collect, review, and evaluate the many documents, statements, and items of evidence that may be pertinent to a personal injury case. Information obtained in discovery is not filed formally with the court but merely shared with the other side. Discovery is designed to guarantee fairness to both sides as they prepare for trial.

The “interrogatory” and the “deposition” are key parts of the discovery process. An interrogatory is a set of questions from the other side’s attorney(s) about your injury, the accident that caused it, your costs, and the impact of the injury on your work and your life. Responding truthfully is essential; your answers are “under oath.” Depositions are face-to-face interrogations also conducted under oath. A subpoena can also be used in the discovery process; it’s a court document ordering someone to appear for a deposition or ordering specific documents or other items to be produced.

There’s no doubt; filing a personal injury claim can be complicated, and discovery is just one part of the entire process. If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence in Los Angeles, Pasadena, or anywhere in southern California, get the help you need and contact an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney immediately.

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