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In May, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a safety advisory regarding crashes caused by “pedal error” – putting your foot on the wrong pedal, which usually means accelerating when you meant to be braking. The NHTSA says that pedal error is behind about 16,000 traffic crashes every year. Even at the lowest speeds, treadle error is a serious risk to passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians. If you’ve been injured in a traffic accident because of another driver’s treadle error, discuss your legal rights and options – including a possible personal injury lawsuit – at once with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney.

Pedal error accidents happen in several ways. A driver might mistakenly floor the accelerator when meaning to hit the brakes. Alternately, a driver’s foot can slip off the brake and onto the accelerator. These accidents most typically happen when wet weather makes shoes slippery or when drivers wear shoes that are inappropriate for driving. When a driver rapidly accelerates in a parking lot or crashes into a house or another structure, it’s usually because of pedal error. The NHTSA offers these tips for avoiding a pedal error-related accident:

  • Adjust your seat and steering wheel before driving.
  • Always aim for the middle of the treadle when applying the brakes.
  • Avoid distractions and focus exclusively on driving – even in parking lots.
  • Wear lightweight shoes with flat soles. Thongs, heels, and heavy boots increase the chances of a pedal error-related crash.

Pedal error accidents are entirely preventable. If you’re injured in a southern California accident because of another driver’s negligence, you are entitled to receive compensation, but that compensation won’t just arrive automatically. You’ll need to fight for it by filing a personal injury claim with the help of an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney. Make the call immediately after any accident with injuries in the Pasadena or Los Angeles area. Help is here if you’ve been injured by negligence, but you must make the call.

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