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Many handicapped people depend on publicly and privately-operated medical transport companies to provide transportation services. It is the responsibility of the drivers and transport companies to assure that their particularly at-risk passengers are transported safely. When disabled patients are injured while riding a medical transportation bus or van, they are entitled to compensation for their injuries and related expenses.

The vehicle typically used by these transport services is a van with a wheelchair lift and equipment that locks the wheelchair in a stationary position. A number of people who use wheelchairs have found themselves “tossed about” the inside of a van when their wheelchair has not been properly secured. In several tragic cases, wheelchairs and their users have rolled right out of the back of moving vans. If you use a wheelchair in Pasadena or Los Angeles and you are injured because a wheelchair transport service or driver was negligent, take your case at once to an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney. The incidents listed here are among the more common accidents related to wheelchair transportation services:

  • unsecured wheelchairs
  • patients left in a van in extreme temperatures
  • improperly operated chair lifts
  • patients dropped from wheelchairs while loading or unloading
  • companies hiring drivers with questionable backgrounds

It is imperative for the wheelchair-bound victims of these accidents to have someone fighting for justice on their behalf. When you’re injured in any traffic accident, a good personal injury lawyer can investigate the facts of the case, determine who was responsible, and advocate on the victim’s behalf. Responsibility for these kinds of accidents could fall on the driver, the transport service, or the manufacturer of the van or the special transport equipment. If you are a wheelchair user and you are injured because one of these parties was negligent, get legal help fast, and arrange at once to speak with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney.

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