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Careless, negligent drivers are the top reason for traffic accidents. Defective vehicles and defective vehicle parts are also the cause of substantial numbers of crashes. When you are injured because a driver is negligent or a vehicle is defective, you can file a personal injury lawsuit and seek compensation for your medical expenses from the driver or vehicle manufacturer. But what if poor road conditions are to blame for an accident that injures you? Sometimes government agencies or their contractors may held responsible for a poor highway design, negligent or careless construction, or a failure to keep the roads safe and well-maintained.

If you’re injured in southern California in a traffic collision caused by substandard road conditions, you’ll need some legal assistance from an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney with considerable experience in cases involving government agencies. A road’s design or a temporary condition such as road construction is often a factor in catastrophic highway accidents. Poor road conditions can include:

  • misleading or inadequate signs
  • poor visibility
  • construction zone negligence
  • signs, fences, or other objects too close to the road
  • inefficient or inadequate storm drainage
  • potholes

If you’re injured in a crash caused by poor road conditions, let an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney thoroughly study the conditions that led to the accident, identify the responsible government agency or contractor, and gather proof of the negligence. If necessary, your attorney will obtain the services of accident reconstruction experts, civil engineers, and road safety specialists who may be able to offer convincing evidence on your behalf. If you are injured in an accident because of poor road conditions, do not speak to any insurance company, accept any settlement, or sign any insurance documents before retaining the counsel of an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney. After any accident with injuries in southern California, retain good legal help and make the call immediately.

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