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If you are injured in an airplane crash or a helicopter crash, take your case to an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney at once. Have that lawyer explain your legal rights and options. If you qualify to file a personal injury claim, your attorney will fight on your behalf for the maximum available compensation. Far more people survive airplane crashes today than thirty or forty years ago. In one study of fatal crashes over a 17-year period (1983 to 2000), the National Transportation Safety Board determined that four out of ten of the deaths in those crashes were preventable. Listed here are some recommendations that might help you survive in a plane crash:

  • Stay fit. You may need to move rapidly through strewn wreckage, push aside heavy baggage, or crawl through a partially-blocked escape exit.
  • Sit near an exit, no more than five rows away if possible.
  • Surviving the impact alone doesn’t make you a survivor. It takes about 90 seconds for fire to engulf the interior of a plane after an impact. Get out.
  • Fly a bigger plane if you have that option. Choose a national carrier if you can; regional airlines have twice the number of accidents per passenger as national carriers.
  • As soon as you board, find where the exits are. Study everything between you and the nearest exit, because in a crash, the lights may go out entirely.
  • Use the oxygen mask if it drops. Just a few seconds without oxygen can injure you, and in a plane crash, you need all of your abilities.
  • To be as alert as possible, don’t sleep during a flight. Don’t drink before or during a flight. Wear your shoes at all times, and buckle up securely.

If you’re injured in a plane crash, let an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer evaluate your case, outline your options, and direct you through the legal process you’ll face if you pursue a personal injury lawsuit. You may be able to recover the costs of your medical treatment, lost wages, and more. Now or in the future, if you suffer any aviation-related personal injury in California, arrange to speak immediately with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney.

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