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Best Restaurants in Pasadena

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There’s no shortage of Pasadena eateries to satisfy every palette. Whether you’re looking for a new favorite or have a craving for something specific, you’re sure to find it on our updated list of the best of the best restaurants in Pasadena, CA.

Pie ‘n Burger

This is the old-school restaurant is all about the American burgers and classic desserts that have comforted us since our childhood. Its consistent prominence on the Food Network’s Top 5 Burger Joints just adds to the overall atmosphere. It’s a great casual restaurant that’s sure to please the whole family, it’s affordable and you can custom order the burger you’re craving.

Su Beoreg Factory and Bakery

The Armenian menu at this casual dining restaurant is authentic and delicious. The su beoreg is amazing and delivers exactly what you’d expect in a Middle Eastern dish. The staff are friendly, the seating is comfortable and the aura lends a warmth that’s sure to keep you coming back for more. And if you’ve never had the pleasure of authentic Armenian cuisine, do yourself a favor – take a leap of faith. You’re not likely to be disappointed.

Lucky Boy Drive Inn

OK. We admit – most folks in Pasadena already know the gem that is the Lucky Boy Drive Inn, but we couldn’t resist. This has been a favorite of our staff for…well, for as long as it’s been around. And if you know our staff, you know we rarely agree on what makes great food. If you’re one of the four people who haven’t had the pleasure, what are you waiting for? Granted, it’s the go-to place after a night on the town, but it’s a classic with great American-Mexican food, waitresses that make you happy to be there and you’re bound to run into co-workers, your favorite aunt or your best friend from third grade – which is always a good thing. Let us know what you think of the burritos – after all, they’re the cure-all.


The southern redneck that’s in all of us screams for great bar-b-que. In Pasadena, that scream is met with a spectacular southern sauce that makes you want to call your cousin in New Orleans and brag about the best bar-b-que you’ve ever tasted. It’s that good! The mac and cheese is the perfect side and balances out the tangy spices of the sauce. And for what it’s worth, the cornbread really is as good as any southern Granny’s family recipe. Indulge in the good stuff with no worries about the waistline – it’s good for the soul (something else every southern Granny teaches “them grandbabies”).

Pasadena is a great place to call home and luckily for all of us, the versatility of restaurants and the pride every restaurant owner has for his offerings is something else our beautiful city is known for. If you don’t have a favorite eatery, it’s only because you haven’t explored the many options available. None on our list requires reservations or formal attire – come as you are! Whether it’s a sweet tooth, comfort food or something more formal, you don’t have to leave the city limits. Have your own favorite you think should be part of our list? Let us know – we just might add it to next year’s best of the best.

Colleges & Universities in Pasadena

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Pasadena, CA is known for its versatility and opportunities. For those wishing to attend school in California, Pasadena is often where college students ultimately choose. Here are some of the reasons why Pasadena colleges and universities are the first choice for so many.

Few cities are so versatile as to offer something for everyone, especially those seeking higher education. There are more than a few colleges that are located in Pasadena and with more than 450,000 students taking college classes in Los Angeles County, you can be sure there’s a reason. A college degree means better salaries, higher odds of being promoted and a number of other benefits.

Here are a few of the more popular colleges and background on each, all of which are located in Pasadena, California. What’s your passion and better still, what’s holding you back?

Providence Christian offers something other secondary schools can’t: Providence is the only California college that offers every freshman an automatic loan repayment assistance guarantee. The school is confident in what it can provide students and the guarantee, it explains, is proof. It really is a simple philosophy. When students attend and complete their program on time, and once they secure a position that is full time or deemed three-quarters of a full-time position, and if the salary is below an income level, the school reimburses the student for payments made. Further, you can apply for scholarship, too.

Pasadena City College is another great choice, especially for adults. This is a school with a heavy commitment to its community. It hosts various drives, including bone marrow drives, which helps ensure the matches are made without the costs incurred by someone simply walking into a hospital wishing to donate his marrow for addition onto the available bone marrow program. And speaking of hospitals, Pasadena City College is a great choice for those seeking to build a career in the medical sector.

For those with the gift of making music, the Los Angeles College of Music is where you want to be. Composition programs, piano programs and more are what await students at LACM. The school’s students have recorded more than 11,000 songs and spent close to one half million hours on tour. This is definitely worth your consideration if it’s a career in music you’re seeking.

All of these programs offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Flexible class schedules
  • Full control of your educational goals
  • Scholarships
  • Online classes are typically an option.
  • Resources for military veterans and families
  • Career counselors

Pasadena is a wonderful place to call home if you’re looking for ways to make it all work. Plenty of options, other like-minded people who can share their experiences and of course, extraordinarily high standards ensure a top quality educational experience. You can learn more about any of the schools and the area itself by visiting any of their websites.

If it’s higher education you’re seeking, there’s nothing holding you back. Turn your dreams into action and action into a solid career that you can be proud of.

Museums in Pasadena

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There is something magical about a museum, whether you are a kid or a kid’s parents. They spark the curiosity in all of us. It’s as though a world of knowledge opens up every time you enter. Here are a few museums in the city of Pasadena, California that are worth your time.

If you have little ones, do not underestimate the awe the Kidspace Children’s Museum inspires. Nearly four acres of fascinating exhibits. As part of its daily programming, staff members provide exciting adventures like the Ant Hole Tour and the Outdoor Amphitheater Exploration. Ready for a Fossil Hunt? Not only that, but you can plan your child’s birthday party at the museum as well. This museum is chock full of great things to do – kids never believe it’s educational, too. Visit the Kidspace Children’s Museum website for more information.

The Pasadena Museum of History takes you on a journey to the past so that we can all better understand the present and plan for the future. This museum is unique because its focus is only on preserving the history and culture of our beautiful area. One of the more exciting things about the museum is its lectures and school tours by those whose authority is respected.

Fascinated with Pasadena’s Millionaire’s Row? Did you know you can tour the Fenyes Mansion? These tours are held Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Call the museum for more information on how you can join a tour.

We love the Pasadena Museum of California Art. This vibrant museum has some of the more interesting exhibitions to have ever graced a museum. Most recently, Los Angeles Magazine wrote, “PMCA has treated Los Angeles to works by California greats…and it is exactly that local pride that makes it such a nice place to visit. From its shows to its staff to its location, the museum is constantly seeking to get people excited and in-the-know about why our part of the world is so great.” It matters little if you’ve been to the museum a dozen times – there’s always something new to learn.

It is the museums in our communities that help us rise above mediocre and embrace the advances, the differences and the cultures in this life. If you have not visited a museum in Pasadena recently, now is a great time to do so. Always check with the museum first to ensure it’s open and remember that for some museums, their hours of operations change depending on the season.

A few more must-see museums:

Gamble House – this gem, located in Pasadena, touts inspiring architecture, both indoors and in the exterior of the house.

The Fenyes Mansion, as discussed earlier, is also a great way to learn more about the history of this area. The grounds are breathtaking and the mansion itself is made of fairy tale dreams.

The Mission San Gabriel Arcangel is a fully functional Roman Catholic museum. It is on the list of historic landmarks and offers insight and education on the Catholic Faith.

Notable People from Pasadena

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Three of the most enduring musicians in modern day are the Van Halen brothers, Eddie and Alex, and their band’s front man, David Lee Roth. Van Halen dominated the charts throughout the 70s and 80s and to think the dream was born in someone’s garage or basement right here in Pasadena.

Another legend, Jackie Robinson, was said to have thrown oranges from his neighbor’s trees before he threw the first baseball. Pasadena, CA is proud to call Jackie and his brothers its sons.

Did you know that Albert Einstein spent three winters right here in Pasadena? During the 1930s, his work and developments required time spent at the California Institute of Technology. It’s also where he was most vocal on all things related to world peace and world affairs.

Marston Glenn Hefner

Hugh Hefner’s son, Marston, is said to still reside in Westgate Apartments in Pasadena. He’s had his legal issues, though and in February of 2012, a Playboy model, Claire Sinclair, signed a restraining order due to a violent confrontation in his apartment.

Julia Child

Everyone’s favorite chef, Julia Child, grew up right here in Pasadena. Imagine the wonderful aromas coming out of her kitchen right here in Pasadena.

Sally Field

Sally Field, of Smokey and the Bandit and Forrest Gump fame, was born in Pasadena in 1946. Her parents split early in her childhood, but remained in Pasadena off and on throughout her childhood.

Kathleen Quinlan

The well-known character actress Kathleen Quinlan is another Pasadena daughter. You may know her from American Graffiti

Jaleel White

A favorite actor for anyone who came to adore his character of Erkel on Family Matters, this actor called Pasadena home long before he moved into the Winslow neighborhood.

Meredith Baxter

The lovelyactress, Meredith Baxter, was also born in Pasadena. Her mother, Whitney Blake, played Dorothy Baxter on the hit 1960s sitcom Hazel. Interesting that Baxter was the name of her character and the same of her daughter, yes?

Joel McCrea

If you’re a fan of American westerns, odds are, you’re a Joel McCrea fan, too. He was a very popular actor during the 40s and 50s and spent much of his in Hollywood as a child. Eventually, he studied acting in Pasadena and then reached for his own star.

If you’re a DeBarge fan, then you’ve likely recognized one of the youngest siblings, Kristinia DeBarge, in any number of performing arts. She and her siblings were born in Pasadena and all enjoyed different levels of success in music. By the time she was 12, Kristinia was sure that music was her calling.

Famous therapist to the stars Drew Pinsky was also born in Pasadena. Dr. Drew is the oldest and has a young sister. His father is a doctor and his mother a homemaker. While he didn’t anticipate becoming a celebrity therapist, his own star would rise almost on its own in the 90s when he first hosted a sex talk show that allowed callers to anonymously express their fears and concerns in the bedroom.

Vegan Food in Pasadena

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My Vegan Restaurant is the go-to first choice for many people in the city of Pasadena. This restaurant elevates the vegan diet to something that’s delicious and made with the quality ingredients that is sometimes taken for granted. Enjoy appetizers of fresh guacamole and crispy chips, spring rolls that are tasty or fried tofu that leaves you wanting more. From there, move on to the house specialties. Here you can enjoy an incredible yellow curry noodle or a Japanese Wonton Noodle Soup. Full of flavor, but committed to the lifestyle, this is a can’t miss menu.

Another delicious option in Pasadena, California is the Green Earth Vegan Cuisine restaurant. Enjoy light Vietnamese soups, stir-fry combinations, handmade pasta, veggie burgers and more. Even better? This restaurant uses biodegradable takeout containers and uses organic ingredients whenever it can. If you have not enjoyed this restaurant, it’s certainly worth re-considering.

Also in Pasadena, Real Food Daily offers several options for the vegan and vegetarian crowd. With a vegan food menu and vegan desserts, (and really, isn’t it the desserts that make getting out of bed worth it some days?) this is a great way to enjoy the vegan lifestyle. Also, too, there’s plenty of seating – it is well spaced and inviting. If you are like us, these details matter. Real Food Daily is open seven days a week, but the hours vary, so give them a call before you head out.

Our next stop is The Veggie Grill. If you’re in the area and smell the aroma of food grilling, you can bet it’s coming from this vegan restaurant. It’s casual dining at its best and the veggie burgers are some of the best we’ve found. Sweet potato fries are pretty amazing, too. There’s a great kid’s menu, no shortage of desserts and a warm and inviting atmosphere. What more do you need?

Finally, we take a stop at The Juice Lab 360. This made our list for a few reasons. We like the idea of it using organic honey and any shop that offers smoothies and sandwiches in a friendly environment that welcomes you to enjoy your meal there or take it on the run is exactly what this world needs more of. From time to time, we come across an amazing restaurant that has a winning menu, no matter what you order. This is one of those restaurants. Enjoy the casual atmosphere and the incredible smoothies seven days a week.

Pasadena has many options for those looking to live a more vegan lifestyle. The truth is, you cannot go wrong with most of the vegan restaurants and these we’ve showcased today are just a few of the truly exceptional vegan options. Have a favorite of your own? Let us know and we’ll add it to our list, too. As always, call the restaurants ahead of time to be sure they are open. We work to provide the most current information, but life gets in the way and things change sometimes.