Medical malpractice is the negligence of a medical professional that results in the deterioration of a patient’s medical condition, additional injury to the patient, or wrongful death. While surgical mistakes get the news headlines – when a doctor amputates the wrong limb or removes the wrong organ – the fact is that most malpractice cases aren’t even linked to surgeries. This is where a team of California medical malpractice attorneys can help.

Every year in the U.S., about twelve million adults with kidney disease, diabetes, and other progressive conditions are misdiagnosed in hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices. Misdiagnosing a severe condition and – on the basis of that misdiagnosis – prescribing the wrong medication or treatment can cause great injury to someone who is already sick. Misdiagnosis is medical malpractice. In Los Angeles County or anywhere in southern California, if you have been misdiagnosed, and the misdiagnosis has caused you additional illness or injury, speak right away to an experienced Pasadena medical malpractice attorney.

Fortunately, simple blood tests will detect kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a number of other conditions, but the symptoms of these conditions are often subtle, especially in the early stages, and the failure to identify certain symptoms can mean that proper treatment is denied or delayed. If diagnosed early and treated properly, kidney disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure can usually be managed, and most patients can live a more-or-less normal life. If a healthcare provider fails to order adequate tests or fails to follow up on an abnormal test result, that failure constitutes medical wrongdoing.

If your health has deteriorated because of an inaccurate diagnosis, you may have grounds to file a medicinal wrongdoing lawsuit. With assistance from reliable medical experts, an attorney can determine if a misdiagnosis constituting malpractice occurred. If it did, your attorney can fight aggressively on your behalf for the compensation and justice you deserve. Don’t hesitate to arrange a consultation at once with our medical malpractice attorneys if you believe that you have been the victim of medical malpractice in southern California.