Checking online to find information about car accident claims, you will find a lot of information about car accidents. But what if you are a passenger in such a car? Ask yourself this question before you consult personal injury attorneys in Pasadena. What do you know about such situations? Does the car insurance cover you as the passenger involved in a car crash?

When you inquire from personal injury attorneys in Pasadena, don’t be surprised to find out that the process of claims for passengers, drivers and pedestrians are quite similar. But the problem is what will you do because you aren’t directly covered by an insurance policy?

In such situations of experiencing an accident, there is nothing like a direct ‘car passenger insurance’ and this then begs the question of who will be responsible for damages for the passenger? 

How do I make claims against the driver of the car?

Just like every situation of making claims in a car accident, the first and most important question is whose carelessness and negligence caused the accident.

The person to blame is the person who will be responsible for your damages. Is it your driver? She/He will be held responsible for your damages. Perhaps other cars are involved, such drivers will be held responsible for the damages to other people too.

Assume the accident involves just a car, (accidents like running into the sidewalk or running into a rock), but the driver is at fault for the accident; certainly, he/she will be responsible for you and your damages.

In Pasadena, every driver must have auto insurance. This will allow them to pay for and be responsible for damages that occur during an auto accident. The process of covering the damages depends on the terms of the insurance policy and the law of Pasadena.

Am I covered by the car insurance policy?

Certainly, yes. If the driver is at fault for your troubles, the driver’s insurance policy should cover you too. His insurance will cover as much as possible of the damages as the limits of the insurance policy. 

If you think you will have an easy ride to get compensation for the damages incurred, think twice. Insurance companies are very reluctant and hard to trick. The will aggressively negotiate and try to prevent paying what you deserve as an injured person. So what do you do?

Meet personal injury attorneys in Pasadena.

This attorney will help you tackle (legally) insurance companies and ensure you are given the amount you deserve. He/She is a professional that specializes in that aspect of law and could use her experience, knowledge of the law and negotiation skills to help you get what you want. In short, her work requires bringing you the justice you deserve.

How I make a claim against another driver?

You are in a car, but another car is responsible for the accident. This is another instance of someone is at fault, but that someone is not in the same car as you. So what is going to happen?

Just as discussed earlier, the insurance policy of the other driver covers you. The insurance will cover the injured person’s damages to the limits of the policy. And just like before, insurance companies are reluctant and unwilling to pay for the passenger’s damages. Personal injury attorneys will definitely work hard to get you what you deserve.

The driver(s) does not have insurance

If you are relying on the driver’s insurance, what will you do if it turns out the driver does not have one?

It can happen at times that the driver you are riding with is driving though legally but without insurance. Or it could happen that the insurance is basic and couldn’t cover the extent of the damages incurred. When that happens, the best step is discussing with personal injury attorneys in Pasadena.

Alternatively, you could help such a situation if you have UM coverage. A UM coverage is also known as uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. It helps you in such a situation when the insurance policy of the driver is not enough to sustain the incurred damages. And coverage’s policy protects those who have it when they are in another person’s car.

You should get the coverage before the accident. But if you don’t have one already, take the second option, talk to personal injury attorneys in Pasadena.

It will be a good decision to also talk to an insurance company right now. Call and inquire about their UM coverage package. Getting the coverage is inexpensive and it is usually charged monthly. It could be a great decision because it can protect you in case of future occurrences with underinsured motorists.

How do I make a claim against another person?

Sometimes, the cause of the accident is not the driver. Maybe some fourteen-year-old boys mess with the street signs; a pedestrian doesn’t cross appropriately, the road is bad, or the car develops a problem. What will you do?

The rule still remains the same. As personal injury attorneys in Pasadena will tell you that the careless person will bear the damages that happen to passengers. All injured parties will seek compensation from the party or parties who are at fault. The claims of the injured party can include premises liability, product liability or other aspects of personal injury laws in Pasadena.

Personal injury attorneys in Pasadena are always ready to help you get what you deserve out of every situation or type of auto accident. No matter the cause or the party involved.

As a passenger can I ever be at fault?

It is possible but very rare for a passenger to be at fault for an auto accident. The truth is there is not enough room for a passenger to be the main cause of an accident without someone else’s action.

A passenger can, however, be found guilty if she does any of the following activities: covering the driver’s eyes without notice, punching the driver while driving, etc.

Another situation is when a person deliberately joins a drunk driver for a ride. Though the person will not be considered to be at fault, she won’t have the ability to demand for compensation.

The cases are quite complicated. The best decision would be talking to personal injury attorneys in Pasadena. So go ahead. They are waiting for you.