Brain injuries happen from time to time, and with over 1.4 million Americans suffering from brain injuries every year, it is important to know more about them. This is important to think about because many brain injuries can be prevented with the best preventable measures. 

Brain injuries can be anything from a small, minor brain injuries and concussions to serious brain stem and other specific injuries. These are often caused by accidents that happen and that might be preventable. There are a number of injuries that arise from accidents that often follow with malpractice or motor vehicle accident lawsuits because of how they came about. 

Lawsuits can help in a number of ways, including covering the medical bills that come with taking care of the brain injury and the medical help and attention that the person requires, reaching out to a personal injury lawyer can help with your case. This is important to think about when you are someone suffering from a brain injury. 

The Delay of a Brain Injury

There may be a delay if a brain injury happens during an accident. This is common in many people that find themselves with a brain injury but perhaps didn’t think they had one originally because of the time it took to see the results from the injury

This is why, if you are in an accident, it is very important to get checked out, as this can be good to have on hand if you do have a brain injury later on and need to get the coverage for medical bills and suffering that you have been through due to this. For a lot of people, this is the only way they are able to pay their bills and the other costs that come from having this type of injury and getting the help they need. 

Types of Brain Injuries

The most common type of brain injury is a concussion. This happens because of a blow to the head. This can cause the person to have a lot of different symptoms, though there are other injuries that can be deemed as brain injuries. 

A hit, blow, or spike to the head can cause this type of trauma to happen. There are other injuries that can cause spinal cord damage or the areas around the head. These types of brain injuries can come with serious symptoms and even permanent damage. 

There are many different types of brain injuries that can happen to anyone, at any time, and mostly due to accidents. A lot of times, sports such as football can also cause this type of brain injury to happen. This is something to consider when a child goes to play a hands-on sport, as having a medical professional on hand during this type of gameplay is highly recommended, so the children get the necessary help they need sooner rather than later. 

Internal or External Brain Injuries 

There are two types of brain injuries, external and internal. The external brain injuries are those that happen from the outside of the head, such as concussions that happen from a blow to the side of the head. There are also internal injuries that can happen such as a cut off of oxygen inside the brain which causes it to stop working. Neurosurgeons that open the head up and the brain might nick areas that shouldn’t be touched, which can then cause further issues in the brain because of this. 

Traumatic brain injuries are serious and they need to be addressed as soon as possible. Those who have this type of traumatic brain injury will show symptoms such as blurred vision, unable to concentrate, slurring words, dizziness, fatigue, headache, cognitive losses, and sometimes the person might lose consciousness, though many people stay awake even with these brain injuries. 

Take Brain Injuries Seriously

It is important that you take brain injuries seriously when they happen, or if they have the possibility of happening, even if you don’t recognize symptoms right away. This is something that you want to think about, especially after a vehicle accident. This is important to remember because you want to make sure that the person who has hit their head has the proper exam done to check for serious issues. 

Having this medical exam done allows lawyers to have information regarding the trauma that has happened and how it is connected to the specific accident that happened, whether it is a car accident or other type of accident. 

It can be difficult to determine if the brain trauma the person has is because of the accident if there is nothing to go off of or look into, such as this medical record that states the person has been checked out and perhaps has a brain injury or may have one later on. This can then be used when the person goes to get paid for the damages and suffering that the person has gone through because of this brain injury. 

Lawsuits to Cover the Costs of These Brain Injuries

If you or someone you know has suffered from a brain injury, it is very important to reach out to the right person for the help you need. This means speaking with a lawyer that specializes in this type of help, as the brain injury can cause serious damage and problems for the person, and it could mean a lot of costs that come from medical bills and other things required to care for the issue. 

When you speak with the office of Thon, Beck, Vanni, Callahan, and Powell; you’re speaking with a team that works for you and can get you the help you deserve. Payment is just a courtroom away and a lot of times, they can get those responsible for this type of issue to pay outside of the courtroom and in an agreed-upon amount. Speak with them today and make sure that you’re getting the payment you deserve for the brain injury you’re suffering from. You deserve it, especially if it wasn’t any fault of your own.