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Posted on: January 21, 2015 by in Personal Injury
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With our great year-round weather, hundreds of miles of coastline, and scores of interior lakes, boating is one of southern California’s most popular recreational activities. While boating is almost always great fun, it’s also the case that plenty of people are injured every year in California boating accidents, and a disturbing number of those accidents end with fatalities. If you’re injured in a boat accident because of another person’s negligence in Los Angeles County or elsewhere in southern California, arrange to speak immediately with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney.

The top cause of boating accidents is negligence, including distraction, intoxication, and recklessness. A second major cause is defective equipment, particularly boat engines and safety devices. If you are injured in a southern California boating accident, seek appropriate medical treatment immediately. Don’t admit to any fault or culpability, and do not sign any insurance documents. If it’s possible, take photos of your injuries and the property damage to the boat. Copy and retain any accident reports or medical records you receive from law enforcement officials or healthcare providers after the accident.

Then, as quickly as possible, consult with a personal injury attorney you can trust. Your lawyer can team with healthcare specialists to obtain the medical evidence needed to prove your personal injury claim. Your attorney can also interrogate witnesses and have the boat inspected by experts to determine if defective equipment was a factor in the accident. When you are injured because a boat operator or an equipment manufacturer was negligent, in California you have the right to be compensated for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses related to your injury. If you have evidence for a personal claim and you choose to pursue it, ask an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney to fight for the compensation you need and the justice you deserve.