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The Real Dangers of Disposable Lighters

Posted on: February 18, 2015 by in Personal Injury
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About one billion cheap disposable cigarette lighters are sold or given away for free with cigarette purchases each year in the U.S. Millions of these lighters are made in China and do not conform to the voluntary safety standards set by U.S. lighter manufacturers. Lighter explosions and related accidents injure almost a thousand people each year in the United States according to data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). You can burn yourself, and sharp plastic shards can puncture your skin or even damage an eye – or worse. In Pasadena or Los Angeles, if you’re injured by an exploding or otherwise defective cigarette lighter, arrange to speak immediately with an experienced Pasadena product liability lawyer about your legal rights and options.

A machinist in Stephenville, Texas, William Clemmer, died in 2008 as a result of severe burns when a cigarette lighter blew up in his pocket. The CPSC has found that many disposable lighters have a dangerous defect that keeps a flame burning alive after the lighter is closed. Because the government has set no mandatory safety standards for disposable cigarette lighters, those defective lighters remain on the market. Manufacturers based in the U.S. have implemented voluntary standards, and their lighters are statistically safer, but any cigarette lighter is potentially dangerous.

Burn injuries are among the most catastrophic of personal injuries. When a burn injury disfigures someone, there’s almost always deep psychological pain, too. In some cases, burn injury patients must spend years rebuilding their lives. You’ll need considerable compensation for your medical treatment, lost income, rehabilitation, and related expenses if you’ve sustained burn injuries because of an exploding cigarette lighter. If you’ve been injured anywhere in southern California by a defective or exploding cigarette lighter, take your case as quickly as possible to an experienced Pasadena product liability lawyer.