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Posted on: January 5, 2015 by in Personal Injury
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In Pasadena, Los Angeles, and throughout southern California, many rely on nursing home personnel to take care of their elderly family members. Sometimes, these precious elderly loved ones end up as the victims of neglect or abuse in nursing homes. It’s sad to report that abuse and neglect in these facilities is on the rise; you may have seen or read about some of the more egregious cases. Most nursing homes are professionally managed and staffed by qualified personnel, but others aren’t. In the Pasadena and Los Angeles area, the most common kinds of abuse in nursing homes include:

  • dehydration and malnutrition
  • bed sores and ulcers
  • malpractice, neglect, and the resulting complications
  • inattention and neglect resulting in falls and other accidents
  • physical and emotional abuse
  • theft and financial exploitation

Exhausted, low-paid staffers at nursing homes have sometimes been known to vent frustrations on their elderly residents, who are virtual captives. If you have a loved one residing in a southern California nursing home, stay on the alert for signs of abuse: bed sores, bruises, ulcers, cuts, sudden emotional changes (like depression or withdrawal), or an unexpected coma or other medical emergency. Abuse includes any assault, verbal humiliation, unwarranted restraint, or sexual abuse.

If you find any of the signs of abuse, or if you believe that your beloved elderly relative is being mistreated by nursing home personnel, make the call immediately to an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer who can fight aggressively for your family’s rights. The right personal injury attorney can launch an investigation, compile evidence and witness testimony, and work with other experts who can help you and your family win justice. Nothing is more important than your loved ones. If you suspect your family is a victim of nursing home abuse in the Pasadena and Los Angeles area, take your concerns to an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible.