When someone else is negligent – another driver, a property owner, a healthcare provider, or the manufacturer of a consumer product – and that negligence causes an accident that injures you – do you really need to retain legal counsel? Obviously, not always. Plenty of the minor “injuries” that we suffer – paper cuts and stubbed toes, for instance – are self-inflicted and trivial. We shrug them off. Other injuries – more serious – can happen because of weather or natural disasters, and in those cases, typically no one is “at fault.” However, if you have been injured or if you are injured in the future, and you don’t really know if another party is or is not legally responsible for injuring you, arrange immediately to discuss the accident and your injury with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney.

A Pasadena personal injury attorney will offer you frank, impartial advice based on years of personal injury experience. You might end up receiving advice that you didn’t expect. An attorney may explain to you that you don’t really need to take legal action. Alternately, if you have been injured by someone else’s negligence but you have no way to prove it, an attorney will explain why a filing a lawsuit can’t benefit you. When you have a legitimate injury claim and you can prove it, whether or not to move forward with the claim is still your choice. You’ll have to compare the pros and cons of filing a lawsuit. Let an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney outline those pros and cons to you, help you to understand how the law affects your case, and fight for justice on your behalf.

If you are injured because of someone else’s negligence in southern California, before you accept a settlement, be sure to consult with a personal injury attorney. Otherwise, you will very likely be offered an amount that is substantially below the actual value of your case. Simply retaining legal counsel often is enough to make an insurance company treat you fairly and meet its responsibility. However, after any injury, until you consult with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney, you may not know if you have a case, or if you do, what it is worth. If you’re injured by negligence now or in the future in southern California, seek medical attention first, then contact our experienced Pasadena personal injury attorneys immediately.