Tens of thousands of adults in California enjoy bicycling. It’s great recreation and cheap transportation. Of course, in only an instant, a bike ride can turn tragic. Some of the latest research shows that with growing frequency, adults over 45 are sustaining serious injuries related to bicycling. In southern California, if you’re injured while bicycling because a motorist was negligent, consult right away with an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer. When you’re injured in California by another person’s negligence, you have the right to be reimbursed for your medical care and related expenses. However, you’ll have to prove that you were injured and that someone else’s negligence caused your injury. An experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer can help.

Researchers recently determined that beginning in 1998, bicycle-related injuries suffered by adults in the U.S. jumped dramatically. Using data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System and the Census Bureau, they found that in 1998, 23 percent of all injured bicyclists in the U.S. were over age 45. However, in 2013, that percentage had almost doubled – adults over 45 sustained 42 percent of all bicycle-related injuries. More adults are riding bicycles now than ever before – for recreation, for health, and since the 2007-2008 recession, for transportation. Of course, the older we get, the longer it takes to heal from any injury, so if you’re an adult bicyclist, it’s imperative to take all of the standard precautions: wear a bike helmet, obey the rules of the road, and if you ride at night, have lights and reflectors on your bicycle.

Without regard to your age, if you are injured while riding a bicycle in California, do not sign any insurance documents or agree to any settlement before consulting with a personal injury lawyer. The right personal injury attorney can handle the case on your behalf, but you must take the first step and make the call. After any bike accident with injuries, discuss your rights and options at once with an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer.