Pasadena CNG Injury Lawyer

Pasadena CNG injury lawyerCompressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles have been around for years, but they’re only now becoming common on California’s streets and highways. compressed natural gas vehicles are deployed frequently in bus and delivery fleets as local governments, delivery services, and trucking companies seek an alternative to high gas prices and an answer to environmental concerns. In fact, compressed natural gas is increasingly being used as a “green” energy source for airplanes and trains as well as buses and automobiles. CNG is also dangerous. If you’ve been injured in a compressed natural gas mishap or explosion, speak at once with an experienced Pasadena compressed natural gas injury lawyer at the law firm of Thon Beck Vanni Callahan & Powell. We have represented southern California accident victims for more than three decades, and we are one of the few law firms specializing in CNG injury cases.


CNG tanks are typically fitted underneath vehicles. These tanks deteriorate with age, but even when they’re new, they’re almost impossible to inspect for defects. There are four basic kinds of compressed natural gas tanks: all steel, mostly steel, plastic and steel, and all plastic. When you combine aging or defective compressed natural gas tanks with vehicles that ride low to the ground or have worn shock absorbers, the result can be catastrophic. The typical failure mode for a compressed natural gas tank isn’t a leak; it’s an explosion. The injuries can be long-term, devastating, and sometimes permanently disabling. If you are injured in a compressed natural gas explosion – now or in the future – we are the Pasadena C.N.G. injury lawyers representing C.N.G. accident victims in southern California.


Thon Beck Vanni Callahan & Powell has worked with NASA experts on the causes of C.N.G. tank failures, and we work alongside C.N.G. industry leaders who are trying to raise safety standards for compressed natural gas use. Our Pasadena CNG injury lawyers are highly knowlegable on compressed natural gas injuries in southern California, and if you’re a C.N.G. accident victim, we are ready to work on your behalf for the compensation you need and the justice you deserve. Get trustworthy legal representation promptly; if you’ve been injured by a compressed natural gas explosion in southern California, call a Pasadena C.N.G. injury lawyer with the law firm of Thon Beck Vanni Callahan & Powell today at 626-795-8333 or contact us online right now to schedule a free initial consultation.