Pasadena, CA is known for its versatility and opportunities. For those wishing to attend school in California, Pasadena is often where college students ultimately choose. Here are some of the reasons why Pasadena colleges and universities are the first choice for so many.

Few cities are so versatile as to offer something for everyone, especially those seeking higher education. There are more than a few colleges that are located in Pasadena and with more than 450,000 students taking college classes in Los Angeles County, you can be sure there’s a reason. A college degree means better salaries, higher odds of being promoted and a number of other benefits.

Here are a few of the more popular colleges and background on each, all of which are located in Pasadena, California. What’s your passion and better still, what’s holding you back?

Providence Christian offers something other secondary schools can’t: Providence is the only California college that offers every freshman an automatic loan repayment assistance guarantee. The school is confident in what it can provide students and the guarantee, it explains, is proof. It really is a simple philosophy. When students attend and complete their program on time, and once they secure a position that is full time or deemed three-quarters of a full-time position, and if the salary is below an income level, the school reimburses the student for payments made. Further, you can apply for scholarship, too.

Pasadena City College is another great choice, especially for adults. This is a school with a heavy commitment to its community. It hosts various drives, including bone marrow drives, which helps ensure the matches are made without the costs incurred by someone simply walking into a hospital wishing to donate his marrow for addition onto the available bone marrow program. And speaking of hospitals, Pasadena City College is a great choice for those seeking to build a career in the medical sector.

For those with the gift of making music, the Los Angeles College of Music is where you want to be. Composition programs, piano programs and more are what await students at LACM. The school’s students have recorded more than 11,000 songs and spent close to one half million hours on tour. This is definitely worth your consideration if it’s a career in music you’re seeking.

All of these programs offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Flexible class schedules
  • Full control of your educational goals
  • Scholarships
  • Online classes are typically an option.
  • Resources for military veterans and families
  • Career counselors

Pasadena is a wonderful place to call home if you’re looking for ways to make it all work. Plenty of options, other like-minded people who can share their experiences and of course, extraordinarily high standards ensure a top quality educational experience. You can learn more about any of the schools and the area itself by visiting any of their websites.

If it’s higher education you’re seeking, there’s nothing holding you back. Turn your dreams into action and action into a solid career that you can be proud of.