We have written previously about the potential hazards of E-cigarettes. The liquid nicotine cartridges can break and cause nicotine poisoning. Children are particularly at risk. If you or your child becomes a victim of nicotine poisoning from E-cigarettes, speak immediately with an experienced Pasadena product liability lawyer. It turns out now that broken nicotine cartridges are not the only danger posed by E-cigarettes. A woman in Riverside County was set ablaze when her E-cigarette battery exploded, and in October she was awarded $1.9 million dollars.

Jennifer Ries and her husband were in their car when Jennifer decided to charge her e-cigarette battery. After plugging in the device, the battery exploded, and Ms. Ries’ dress and seat caught on fire. Chemicals fell into her lap, leaving her with severe burns. Her husband doused the fire with iced coffee. Ms. Ries said she sustained second-degree burns on her legs, buttocks, and hand in the 2013 incident. She still has physical and emotional scars, she said.

A Riverside County Superior Court jury awarded her nearly $1.9 million in a lawsuit she brought against the electronic cigarette’s distributor, VapCigs; its wholesaler, Cartons 2 Go; and the Corona store where she bought it, Tobacco Expo. Her product liability lawsuit charged that businesses in the supply chain were “involved in the distribution of a product that failed to conform to any kind of reasonable safety expectation … and failed to warn about known dangers.”

If you can prove that you’ve been injured using E-cigarettes – whether by nicotine poisoning or by a battery explosion – you are entitled by law to full reimbursement for your medical treatment and related damages. An experienced lawyer can evaluate your case and offer the advice and guidance you need. If you or someone you love is injured using any consumer item, arrange as quickly as possible to speak with an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney.