Three of the most enduring musicians in modern day are the Van Halen brothers, Eddie and Alex, and their band’s front man, David Lee Roth. Van Halen dominated the charts throughout the 70s and 80s and to think the dream was born in someone’s garage or basement right here in Pasadena.

Another legend, Jackie Robinson, was said to have thrown oranges from his neighbor’s trees before he threw the first baseball. Pasadena, CA is proud to call Jackie and his brothers its sons.

Did you know that Albert Einstein spent three winters right here in Pasadena? During the 1930s, his work and developments required time spent at the California Institute of Technology. It’s also where he was most vocal on all things related to world peace and world affairs.

Marston Glenn Hefner

Hugh Hefner’s son, Marston, is said to still reside in Westgate Apartments in Pasadena. He’s had his legal issues, though and in February of 2012, a Playboy model, Claire Sinclair, signed a restraining order due to a violent confrontation in his apartment.

Julia Child

Everyone’s favorite chef, Julia Child, grew up right here in Pasadena. Imagine the wonderful aromas coming out of her kitchen right here in Pasadena.

Sally Field

Sally Field, of Smokey and the Bandit and Forrest Gump fame, was born in Pasadena in 1946. Her parents split early in her childhood, but remained in Pasadena off and on throughout her childhood.

Kathleen Quinlan

The well-known character actress Kathleen Quinlan is another Pasadena daughter. You may know her from American Graffiti

Jaleel White

A favorite actor for anyone who came to adore his character of Erkel on Family Matters, this actor called Pasadena home long before he moved into the Winslow neighborhood.

Meredith Baxter

The lovelyactress, Meredith Baxter, was also born in Pasadena. Her mother, Whitney Blake, played Dorothy Baxter on the hit 1960s sitcom Hazel. Interesting that Baxter was the name of her character and the same of her daughter, yes?

Joel McCrea

If you’re a fan of American westerns, odds are, you’re a Joel McCrea fan, too. He was a very popular actor during the 40s and 50s and spent much of his in Hollywood as a child. Eventually, he studied acting in Pasadena and then reached for his own star.

If you’re a DeBarge fan, then you’ve likely recognized one of the youngest siblings, Kristinia DeBarge, in any number of performing arts. She and her siblings were born in Pasadena and all enjoyed different levels of success in music. By the time she was 12, Kristinia was sure that music was her calling.

Famous therapist to the stars Drew Pinsky was also born in Pasadena. Dr. Drew is the oldest and has a young sister. His father is a doctor and his mother a homemaker. While he didn’t anticipate becoming a celebrity therapist, his own star would rise almost on its own in the 90s when he first hosted a sex talk show that allowed callers to anonymously express their fears and concerns in the bedroom.