Pasadena Premises Liability Lawyer

California residents and visitors are the victims of a crime somewhere in this state almost every minute of every day. Many of these crimes – and the injuries they can cause – might never have happened at all if the property owners had provided adequate security. Property owners have a legal responsibility to keep others safe from injury and other harm including criminal assault and battery. If a property owner neglects to take proper safety precautions or to warn visitors about possibly dangerous conditions, the property owner can be held liable for negligent security. If you are injured in southern California – now or in the future – because of a property owner’s failure to provide adequate security, speak immediately to an experienced Pasadena premises liability attorney at the law firm of Thon Beck Vanni Callahan & Powell.


If you’re injured because of a property owner’s negligence, let a Pasadena premises liability lawyer help you file a premises liability lawsuit to recover your medical costs and related expenses. Security is generally required for privately-owned properties where crimes and subsequent injuries are most likely to occur: parking lots, garages, hallways, lobbies, and staircases. Depending on the circumstances of an injury, negligent security claims can be filed in cases involving injuries at stadiums, arenas, restaurants, amusement parks, shopping malls, and theaters.


Pasadena Premises Liability LawyerThon Beck Vanni Callahan & Powell has more than thirty years of experience representing injury victims in southern California. Our record and our reputation speak for themselves. Let an experienced Pasadena premises liability lawyer be your advocate and fight on your behalf if you are injured because a property owner failed to provide adequate security. Thon Beck Vanni Callahan & Powell understand the physical suffering and emotional trauma that crime victims may endure. We are committed to holding accountable those responsible for your injuries. Get the trustworthy legal representation you need and call our Pasadena premises liability lawyers today at 626-795-8333 or contact us online right now to schedule a free initial consultation.