Accidents from CNG vehicles are serious than ordinary crashes. The combustion of the CNG gas and flying debris from the impact can cause death, burn injuries, lacerations, and broken bones. And as more people embrace CNG as a more eco-friendly way to get from one point to another, more caution is needed to avoid fatal incidences.

But if you fall victim to a CNG incident in California, you can take advantage of the laws that help you access compensation if there were negligent parties that caused it. One of the things you have to do is consult with Pasadena personal injury attorneys for guidance. The steps you take after the accident can preserve or rob you of your rights.

What is the Reporting Procedure for CNG Accidents in California?

CNG accidents that result in death or injuries require reporting within 24 hours. And any of the drivers, regardless of fault, can report to the police. But if the police came to the scene and documented the incident, you might not be obliged to report.

It is also mandatory to report the incident to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CDMV). Note that you need to file the report within ten days if:

  • Injuries were sustained, no matter how minor
  • Anyone was killed 
  • Property worth more than $750 was damaged

How Long Can I Wait to Report a CNG Accident to the Insurance Company?

California doesn’t have a specific reporting time for insurance companies. While the time limit is open, it does not mean that CNG injury victims have the pleasure of time. Most insurance contracts require you to report within a reasonable time.

It is recommended that you report shortly after the incident to give the insurer time to defend the claim. Notably, the company can deny the claim if you take too long to report. And their defense would be that you did not report within a reasonable period, which should be a couple of days.

Can the Other Motorist Be Liable for a CNG Accident?

If your CNG tank was in good shape and the vehicle collided with another one resulting in the explosion, then the other driver might be liable for your injuries. Additionally, you might need to prove that they violated a traffic law or disregarded your safety on the road. You may need evidence showing that the driver was:

  • Driving while distracted
  • Not sober while operating the motor vehicle
  • Not keen on the road signs

Pasadena CNG injury lawyers can gather CCTV footage, witness testimonies, and photos from the scene and present them in court. After that, the at-fault driver will have no choice but to accept liability.

Whose Fault is it if a Vehicle was Poorly Maintained?

Vehicles moving on the road are required to be in perfect shape and condition to ensure the safety of the people inside and other road users. Notably, maintenance is usually the responsibility of the vehicle owner or operators. A typical poorly maintained vehicle would have:

  • Worn out shocks
  • A CNG tank that is past its expiration date

Only a thorough investigation can reveal such faults in a CNG vehicle and use it to the victim’s advantage. In collaboration with other experts, it won’t be difficult for your lawyer to determine the best direction for your case.

Why Do I Need an Attorney After a CNG Accident?

The skyrocketing medical bills can sometimes make families feel like they cannot afford an excellent attorney for their personal injury case. However, any victim can access top-quality representation that will only collect their fees if you win the case.

Seasoned Pasadena CNG injury lawyers can uncover the true cause of the accident and go for all the liable parties. Therefore, you will be more likely to recover maximum compensation for all your costs and injuries.

What Kinds of Compensation can I Receive for My Injuries?

The kinds of compensation you will seek for your injuries depend on the type of incident that caused your injuries and the extent of those injuries. After a successful personal injury case, you can get compensation for the following:

  • Lost earning capacity
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Past and future medical tests
  • Damage to your vehicle, if any

If unfortunately, a loved one lost their life from the CNG accident, you might have to seek a different set of damages. A wrongful death lawsuit can get you compensation for:

  • Damage to a vehicle, if any
  • Loss of future income or household services
  • Loss of companionship
  • Sorrow and mental anguish
  • Memorial and burial expenses
  • Medical costs

Do I Lose Out on Compensation if I Contributed to the Accident?

Victims often hesitate to file a personal injury case when they realize that they were partially to blame for the accident. Sometimes, the other party’s insurance company might use it as a basis to convince you to accept a dramatically low compensation.

It is worth noting that your contribution to the CNG accident is not enough to lock you out of compensation in Pasadena. The comparative negligence rule allows you to still receive damages, less by your percentage of fault.

How Much Time Do I Have to File My Injury Case?

Failure to observe time limitations can rob you of your right to file for compensation in California. However, CNG injury lawyer in Pasadena, CA, can keep you in check to ensure that you don’t run out of time.

You are required to file within two years whether the accident resulted in injuries or death. What varies is when the clock begins ticking. For instance, counting for injuries starts on the day of the accident, whereas for wrongful death, it begins on the day the victim breathes their last.

Lawyers Willing to Fight for What You Deserve

Injuries from CNG explosions can be very costly to treat because of how serious they can get. However, if you did not solely contribute to the incident, it is unfair to cater to all the damages alone.

In a personal injury case in Pasadena, you can sue the other party(s) and receive compensation. We have decades of experience helping seriously injured victims in California. Talk to us today for a case evaluation meeting.