In Pasadena and Los Angeles County, if you are injured because another person was negligent in a traffic crash, a slip-and-fall incident, or any other accident, one issue that could complicate a personal injury case is any pre-existing medical condition or wound that you acquired or sustained before the accident. If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence in southern California, arrange at once to meet with a car accident lawyer to discuss the accident, your injuries, your rights, and your legal recourse.

When you are suddenly and unexpectedly injured by the negligence of another, if you have a pre-existing damage or medical condition, it will certainly make a personal injury claim somewhat more difficult. That’s because the defendant’s attorney(s) and insurance company likely will insist that you were already injured and the defendant should not be held accountable. However, having a pre-existing damage should not prevent you from taking legal action. Let an experienced inury lawyer help. In almost every case where a pre-existing wound is an issue, medical evidence and experts can demonstrate that what happened in the accident was distinct and apart from any pre-existing condition or wound. Injuries caused by negligence can include brain and spinal cord damage; back, neck, shoulder, and knee injuries; amputations and broken bones; burn injuries; and disfigurement.

If you or someone you love has sustained one or more of these injuries because of another person’s negligence, you’ll need legal advice and aggressive representation from a personal injury lawyer who routinely helps accident victims win the compensation they deserve. Your personal injury attorney will investigate the accident, gather evidence, interview the witnesses, and negotiate aggressively on your behalf. If a negotiated settlement isn’t available, a personal injury lawyer can take your case to trial and ask a jury of your peers for justice. After any wound caused by someone else’s negligence in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, or elsewhere in southern California, discuss your rights and options immediately with an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer.