The holidays will soon be here again. Every year, despite the precautions taken by parents, retailers, and government agencies, some toys end up injuring children. Don’t spoil the joy by purchasing a toy that can cause an injury. If your child is injured while playing with any toy, after obtaining medical care for your child, discuss your legal rights and options at once with our Pasadena personal injury attorneys.

At least one child dies from choking every five days in the U.S. Choking is the most common reason why children suffer fatal injuries playing with toys. Never give small children balloons, marbles, or tiny plastic balls. Always read any warning labels that come with toys. Strangulation is another frequent cause for children’s fatalities. The drawstrings on “hoodies,” for example, can strangle a small child. Don’t purchase clothes for children or any other products with strings or cords. The tiny “button batteries” and magnets that now come with many toys, when swallowed, can cause permanent injuries – or death – if a child swallows one. Button batteries are even found on greeting cards now, so be vigilant about keeping these items from children. You also should avoid any toy with lead or PVC plastic; toymakers started phasing these out around 2009, but older toys can still pose a hazard.

When a child is injured by a recently-purchased toy, the manufacturer or distributor is probably guilty of negligence, and the parents may choose to file a product liability claim. An experienced product liability lawyer can help families acquire the compensation they need to care for a child injured by a hazardous or defective toy. The right lawyer will advocate aggressively on your family’s behalf for the maximum possible compensation. If your child is injured while playing with a dangerous or defective toy in southern California, speak to an experienced Pasadena injury lawyer immediately.