Public transit is widely used in California because it offers a wide array of tech-advanced amenities and low-cost transportation. And like other vehicles on the road, they are not immune to accidents. 

Accidents involving buses can be complicated because they often involve multiple parties. What’s more, big insurance companies are usually hesitant to pay full compensation. When faced with such difficulties, you need the help of Pasadena personal injury attorneys who have the experience of handling injuries sustained in bus accidents.  

What Should Do Immediately After a Bus Accident?

Most people get confused when they get involved in a crash with a bus or get injured inside the bus. While the mixed emotions are normal, knowing precisely what to do is very critical. Doing the right thing ensures that your personal injury case flows smoothly and you get the full compensation.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Notify the bus driver about the incident and let them know that you are injured
  • Take photographs of the incident
  • Requesting or seeking any surveillance or video relating to the bus
  • Seeking out witnesses that may have been at the scene
  • Get treatment as soon as possible 
  • Retain a Pasadena, CA, public transportation lawyer that knows how to package such cases

What Mistakes Should I Avoid as a Bus Accident Victim in California?

Many people mess up when they fail to document the incident. Notably, videos and photographs are critical pieces of information in a bus accident case. If you end up on trial, the court will need those pieces of evidence to make a ruling. Similarly, the documentation can be used to convince the bus’s insurance company that you have a strong case.

Another mistake you can make is to decide not to see a doctor, probably because you are not feeling any pain. The fact is, your adrenaline rush can conceal serious internal injuries sustained in the accident. Also, avoid communicating directly with the bus’s insurance company because they will do everything to make you feel like your case isn’t worth much.

What Happens if I Speak to the Insurance Representative of the Bus Company?

You have no legal obligation to speak to the insurance company if they reach out to you. If anything, it is in your best interest not to pick their calls, respond to their emails, or agree to a meeting. They will tactically ask you questions regarding the accident and convince you that you deserve the unfair settlement that they want to offer. 

The insurance adjuster’s work is to make sure that you do not get the money in full. But a Pasadena public transportation lawyer uses their expertise to ensure that your rights are protected. As soon as you hire a legal representative, they will take over the communication with the insurance company. Therefore, you can always refer them to your legal expert if they try reaching out to you.

How is a Car Accident Different from a Bus Accident?

Unlike cars that are usually privately owned by individuals or companies, most buses are government-owned. This means that your lawsuit involves a government entity and the statute of limitation is generally shorter in such instances. Delays in filing a lawsuit could lock the victim out and deny them an opportunity to fight for and receive a deserving compensation. 

In bus accidents, there is often a video that documents the things that happened before the incident. And it is very vital to preserve that piece of evidence. As soon as you contact a personal injury attorney in Pasadena, they will find and keep the footage safe and provide it whenever needed.

How Much is My Bus Accident Compensation Case Worth?

An attorney may not be able to tell you outright how much you will get from your claim when you walk into their office. Until thorough investigations are done in collaboration with other experts, nobody can ascertain how much your case is worth. Notably, the value of your case is directly proportional to the nature of your injuries. 

Basically, the medical bills you have incurred and expect to incur further in the future are significant determinants in compensation. The amount may increase if:

  • You will need a caretaker
  • You will need physical therapy
  • You will need multiple surgeries 
  • You are unable to make a full physical recovery

How Long Can I Wait Before Filing the Bus Accident Claim?

Time should be a top consideration whether you were a passenger on the bus or it hit you while walking, on your bike, or in your car. The claim can be filed after your treatment period is over because only then can the nature of the injuries be established. A public transportation attorney in Pasadena can help you keep track of the statute of limitation requirements.

If you are hit by a privately-owned bus, you have two years to file your California personal injury case. But if the negligence of a driver of a government-owned bus caused the accident, you will need to present your case in court within six months. The trick is to begin the process early and not wait until the last minute – because it is easy to miss out on essential details when doing things in a rush.

Learn Your Legal Options with The Help of a Legal Professional

The journey towards getting compensation for your bus accident injuries is finding out who the negligent party or parties are. This makes it possible to approach the right insurance companies with your proposal and proceed to court when you fail to reach an agreement. 

A skilled and knowledgeable bus accident attorney in California will not allow cunning insurance adjusters to bully you into accepting anything less than you deserve. Remember that our legal expert will keenly work out the damages and come up with an accurate and precise figure – based on facts. Talk to us at 626-795-8333 and let us help you recover the maximum compensation for your injuries.