Survivors of the deceased are entitled to compensation when negligence or carelessness causes an accidental, unjustified decease. Wrongful deaths can happen in traffic collisions or in incidents of medical negligence. Wrongful deaths can also be caused by defective consumer products, property owner negligence that causes slips and falls, or any negligence that leads to an avoidable and unnecessary death. If someone you love has died in any of these situations, discuss your case at once with our Pasadena wrongful death lawyers.

Your standing to file a wrongful death lawsuit in California depends on your relationship with the deceased. While everyone understands that no amount of reimbursement can genuinely compensate for the loss of a loved one, a claim seeks reimbursement for medical and funeral costs, future earnings and retirement income, loss of consortium, and the emotional distress of the family members. An experienced wrongful death attorney can be sensitive to the fragile emotions of clients while also being aggressive on their behalf to obtain compensation and justice.

If you have a wrongful death claim now or in the future, an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney can advocate forcefully for every cent of reimbursement you need and the justice you deserve. When you lose a family member in an unfortunate incident, you may not be prepared to face the tough emotional and legal issues, but a good wrongful death attorney can help. However, you must file a claim quickly; there are statutes of limitations, and if you don’t take swift action, you could lose your reimbursement. In Pasadena, Los Angeles or anywhere else in southern California, if a wrongful death tragedy happens, consult immediately with a wrongful death attorney to discuss your options and rights.