If you look around your street, you will notice many cars and a few rideshare scooters. You might want to know all the details about the rideshare scooter in cases of personal injuries and damages. Who is liable for such? A personal injury attorney in Pasadena will explain all the details to you if you ask, but some background information will not harm you.

What do you know about rideshare scooters?

The rideshare scooter is a type of scooter designed to serve the younger generations. The idea was developed from the previous rideshare bicycles, then companies like LimeBird and Bird developed them to meet a target market of younger generations. 

The concept of using the rideshare scooter is like that of the Uber, Lyft or any other ridesharing platform available for automobiles. You will turn it on using an app on your mobile phone, or in some cases, other platforms may allow web-based rideshare orders. When it is unlocked, you will be able to ride it around your city or town. With the aid of the app, a fee will be charged accordingly. After riding for the period you want, you will leave the scooter for another user to pick and ride. 

The manufacturers (like companies mentioned above) monitor the scooter and each user’s ride around the town or city. They also employ people for activities such as charging the scooter and other maintenance. When the battery drains, a staff of the company will come for it to keep it charged.

If you are looking for a fast scooter, you are looking at the wrong place in a rideshare scooter. They are quite slow. They only travel at a mere 15 mph, and if there is an accident at this speed, it can be severe, possibly leading to death in some cases.

The rate of accidents in rideshare scooters

Over the years, the number of users of this e-scooter has increased, and this is owing to a number of reasons including flexibility, ease of use and overall appeal to most people who find it more affordable compared to automobile rideshares. With the increase in patronage of the e-scooters over the years, the number of injuries and accidents reported has also witnessed a significant increase. Visiting a medical laboratory to inquire about the rate of accidents involving rideshare scooters, there has been an increase to that of the past years. In fact, a source shows that the increase is about 161 percent. Another source shows more than 1500 incidents of injuries and death relating to rideshare scooters in the year 2018 alone.

E-scooter riders may also be predisposed to dangers greater than injuries, in some cases, death. Death is the other thing, and death is a topic most people like to avoid. For instance, last year, a young man in a black jacket was found lying unconscious beside his rideshare scooter. The same year, in Washington DC, another man of thirty was found along the street completely dead, as lifeless as a rubber tube.

How to know the causes of rideshare scooter?

Depending on your location, this is the kind of question a personal injury attorney in Pasadena can answer extensively. Your attorney will start investigating the cause and the process of the accident involving a rideshare scooter. He/She will ensure that there are proofs (evidence) to show that the accident involving an e-scooter is a result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. With the evidence, there is a chance to receive compensation.

Of course, the possible reasons for this scooter accidents are many. Here are a few:

  • -The driver’s carelessness. This includes speeding, being distracted while driving, and driving under abnormal mental and physical health conditions.
  • -Someone else crashing into a rideshare scooter
  • -Dangerous condition of roads such as narrow, steep, or broken road surfaces
  • -Parking of such scooters at a wrong and dangerous place for other road users
  • -Defective machinery or parts
  • -Malfunctioning parts or machine
  • -Lack of proper maintenance
  • -The e-scooter driver runs into a car or a bicycle or a pedestrian

Who is liable for the damages and injuries relating to a rideshare scooter?

This is the important question a personal injury attorney in Pasadena can help you answer. Because the answer is dependent on the type of situation or case, it can be a little difficult to determine the liable party and how to ask for the right compensation. The attorney will investigate the cause of such accident, and she would move further to investigate the parties or person that is guilty of the crash. Sometimes the parties that are responsible for the cause might be more than one. This is still the job of the personal injury attorney in Pasadena; she will investigate and find all of them.

Still, want to know what a personal injury attorney in Pasadena can do for you?

He/She is responsible for

  • -Finding the clues about the responsible parties and collecting evidence
  • -Determining all the factors that played in the cause of the accident so as to identify the liable parties
  • -Handling insurance companies and their policies of settling for less than you deserve
  • -Shielding her clients from manipulative and unfair insurance tactics
  • -Accurately calculating the amount of compensation her clients deserve for a claim
  • -Fighting any case of contributory negligence which includes the violation of regulations concerning the riding of scooters in Pasadena
  • -Finding eye witness to help defend her client’s claim in case there is a serious injury and such client is still receiving treatments

Contact a personal injury attorney in Pasadena

Do not assume the accident is your fault yet. First, meet your personal injury attorney in Pasadena and discuss things with him or her. She will investigate, and who knows, you might be going home with a lot of compensation. In fact, it is wrong to see an insurance company first without seeing the personal injury attorney in Pasadena. You might end up signing the wrong document or providing statements to the wrong people. So yes, contact an attorney first. Contact here.