Medical malpractice can happen in several ways, but it seems that we only hear about the most tragic surgical mistakes. When a doctor removes the wrong kidney or amputates the wrong leg, it’s a sensational news story. But there’s a malpractice crisis that you don’t hear much about, and it impacts approximately twelve million of us every year in the United States. That’s how many adults in our nation are misdiagnosed in hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices. The inaccurate diagnosis and wrongful treatment of a serious illness can severely injure someone who’s already sick and vulnerable. It can also be the legal grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. In Los Angeles County, if you are the victim of a misdiagnosis that has caused you additional injury or sickness, discuss your legal rights and options at once with a medical malpractice attorney. You may be entitled to compensation for the injury you’ve suffered.

A 2013 report concluded that medicinal misdiagnosis of cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and meningitis may contribute to 160,000 deaths a year. Johns Hopkins University researchers, who published their research findings in the journal BMJ Quality and Safety, concluded that, “Among malpractice claims, diagnostic errors appear to be the most common, most costly and most dangerous of medical mistakes.”

A bad diagnosis can hurt anyone. However, a good medical malpractice lawyer can identify the facts, work with the experts, and fight aggressively for the compensation and justice you need and deserve. Misdiagnosis can mean that the appropriate treatment for your medicinal condition was delayed, possibly leading to even more severe injuries or medicinal complications. It may also mean that the wrong medication was prescribed for you or the wrong procedures were performed. If you are hurt or injured by a medical misdiagnosis in southern California, take action immediately to protect yourself. Make the call as soon as possible to an experienced medical malpractice attorney.