If you become injured in southern California using any consumer product that should have been safe to use, you need to be reimbursed for your medical expenses and related losses. In other words, you need to speak promptly with an experienced Pasadena product liability lawyer. Many defective products are merely nuisances, but when you are injured by a prescription or an over-the-counter drug, the consequences can be catastrophic for your health, and you’ll need the maximum available reimbursement.

One Colorado man recently filed a product liability claim over his medical marijuana. The target of the lawsuit, LivWell, Inc., owns nine pot shops in Colorado, which legalized recreational marijuana use last year. LivWell operates one of the largest grow houses in the world, an asset they protect with pesticides. Flores’ attorney told the Los Angeles Times: “They are growing hundreds of thousands of plants indoors under lights, and now they are seeing spidery mites, fungus and other plant diseases they fear will wipe out millions of dollars of profit.”

It is the first product liability lawsuit against the marijuana industry. The lack of any federal guidelines for growing pot underscores the continuing problems in an industry still considered illegal by the U.S. government. Flores himself said, “These warehouses are getting big and really sloppy. They are adding chemicals to make things more efficient and more potent.”

If you have been injured in southern California using any consumer product that should have been safe to use, you are entitled by law to full reimbursement for your medical treatment, days lost from work, and all of your additional injury-related expenses. However, that entitlement doesn’t mean you’ll simply be handed a reimbursement check. You’ll have to prove that you were injured and that the product that injured you was contaminated or defective. If you’re injured using any consumer product in southern California, obtain the legal help you need and contact an experienced Pasadena product liability lawyer as quickly as possible.